Tour Details:

Duration: 16 hours

You will be picked up from your hotel at around 06:30-07:00, then start driving for Troy Ancient City, which takes around 6 hrs' drive from Istanbul. You will stop on the way for a small breakfast break, then arrive at Eceabat at around 12:00 to meet with your guide and the rest of the group. You will have lunch with the group, then cross the Dardanelles and drive for Troy another 20-30 mins. You will be greeted by the model of Trojan Horse, stands as a symbol of the famous wooden horse used at the time. Then you will see the Sacrifical Altars, 3700-year-old city walls, Houses of Troy I (3000 BC-2500 BC), The Bouleuterion (Senate Building), The Odeon (Concert Hall), current excavations in progress and the remains of various cities from Troy I to Troy IX. After the tour, at around 17:00, you will start driving drive back to Istanbul, dropping off at your hotel at around 22:30.